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PTO Events

Fall Fest

Fall Fest is an event put on in conjunction with the Middle School Student Council. There are lots of games and activities for the kids to do.  Some examples of those activities are Pumpkin Ring Toss, Bobbing for worms(gummy worms covered in whip cream and who ever finds and eats it first with no hands wins), Bob for Donuts (Race were Donuts are tied to a string and eaten with no hands), Photo area with friends, guessing jars, and lots of snacks. Parents are involved by signing up to donate items used that night, or volunteering to help set up and run game stations. Your clearances will need to be on file to help at any school event. This event is primarily held in the cafeteria. The night starts with 5th and 6th grade coming from 5-6pm. There is a brief reset as 7th and 8th come from 7-8pm.

Clothing Drive     

During our Clothing Giveaway, we encourage ALL students to come and “shop” for clothing during their lunch period and immediately after school. In the weeks prior to this event we will collect gently used clothing, sizes 10/12 and up. Donations should be brought to the Middle School office and labeled “PTO Clothing Giveaway”. Please make sure the clothing is clean, free of holes or tears, and appropriate for school. 

Scholastic Book Fair   

Our Fall fair is in November and runs approximately 1 week. ELA facilitators sign up to bring their learners to visit the book fair to make purchases at least once during the week. Learners will also be permitted to make purchases during their lunch block, and immediately after school. Purchases made during the Fall Fair earn scholastic dollars for the school. Scholastic dollars are used to purchase books or other supplies for the school library and classrooms. Scholastic dollars are also used by facilitators and administrators to buy books as rewards and incentives for learners.

Movie Night   

Some kids like to come to events with their friends, some families like getting out in the middle of winter for some family fun, either way works for this event. If kids are dropped off, they must stay for the entire event unless picked up by parents. There are raffle basket give-a-ways to make it a little more fun, we watch a move in the auditorium, and we end the night with milk and cookies on your way out. 

Spring Book Fair   

The Spring Fair is held in April or May. This fair is BOGO, buy one get one free, for all items. It is a short 3 day fair and learners follow the same purchasing procedures. Visits are made during ELA class, lunch, or after school. Because we get free books, we do not earn scholastic dollars during the Spring fair. Cash, credit, and checks are all accepted as payment. In addition, Scholastic has made it even easier by creating an e-wallet option. Parents can set up a Scholastic e-wallet, linking it to a credit card with a preset spending limit. Learners can make purchases without needing to bring cash to school.

Spring Fest     

Spring Fest is similar to Fall Fest with games, food, and friends. Again this is organized in conjunction with Student Council. The main difference is that this is only for the 5th and 6th grade, as the 7th and 8th have Mini Thon around this time of year. Parents volunteer to donate items or volunteer to help the night of the event. If you are helping at any PTO event, you will need to have your clearances on file with the school district.

Staff Appreciation Week     

Staff Appreciation Week is always the first full week of May. It is a time set aside to show some extra love to our teachers and staff. During this time we have done coffee and sticky buns, healthy snacks, soup and salad, desserts, and on Friday the Themed Basket giveaways. We use a sign up to have people volunteer items, or volunteer to set up food and serve our teachers. You can find our sign ups posted on the Manheim Central Middle School PTO Facebook page.

8th Grade Breakfast     

8th Grade Graduation Breakfast is the last day of the school year first thing in the morning. It is organized by the parents of the current 8th grade class.