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In order to prepare all children for their chosen career path(s), Manheim Central Middle School is committed to ensuring learners are given the necessary preparation and skills outlined in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s College, Education, and Work (CEW) standards. Through the accumulation of artifacts over their time in the Manheim Central School District, learners gain information and insight into possible career paths, while gaining important employability skills that will help them succeed in the workplace. 

Many of these lessons are embedded in existing content areas, but school counselors and administration also coordinate with outside programs to expose learners to specific aspects of the CEW standards. This two-pronged approach ensures that learners both see the relevancy of content they are currently learning, while allowing important connections to be made between the education they are receiving, and the workplace skills needed to succeed in their futures.

It is important that learners are accumulating these artifacts and submitting them to the proper folders in Schoology so a record can be maintained of their progress. Artifact submissions carry over from elementary, to middle, and ultimately up to high school and each school is responsible for reporting individual learner progress of artifact accumulation to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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