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Welcome to Manheim Central Middle School

“Educating and empowering learners to be lifelong difference makers." - MCMS Mission


Manheim Central Middle School

261 White Oak Road

Manheim, PA 17545

Phone: (717) 664-1700 | Fax: (717) 664-1859

School Hours:  7:45 am – 2:45 pm

Office Hours:  7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Manheim Central Middle School is a special place which brings together learners from both Doe Run and Baron Elementary Schools in Manheim Central into one building where approximately 900 learners in grades fifth through eighth interrelate. As you know, middle school is a transitional time where learners are given new levels of both responsibility and independence (with the necessary support and structure to be successful). Our goal is that all learners include others, work hard, try their best, and have fun! While Manheim Central Middle School is large in size, you will find that it is one small community at heart.

While learning is at the heart of what we do, we also feel it is essential to support the needs of the whole child. We want learners to be wildly excited about coming to school each day. Therefore, you will find Manheim Central Middle School offers a variety of programs and supports during the school day and beyond that personalize the learning experience for each learner. At Manheim Central, we want our learners to be “Difference Makers.” In support of that, we are working to offer a variety of unique opportunities:


Our school provides learners with the necessary core academic programs of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. In addition, each day, all learners have either an intervention, or an enrichment period, simply called I/E Time. This time is used to help learners who may be struggling with a concept to remediate skills in order to become proficient in areas of Math and English. For learners who are exceeding standards, enrichment opportunities are offered to allow learning to be applied and extended.


Each student is provided opportunities in a wide range of "Encore" subjects. These include: Health, Physical Education, Music, Art, Technology Education, Computer Science, World Language, and STEM.

Baron Time

The last Block of the day is dedicated to Baron Time. During this time, on Cycle Day 2, 3, 5, and 6, students will engage in 15 minutes of independent reading based on their ARC level. In addition, they will also complete make-up work, study for upcoming tests, meet with a learning facilitator, and may even have an opportunity to start any upcoming homework with the support of their Baron Time Learning Facilitator. On Cycle Day 1, time is dedicated to class meetings based around our PBIS Program and School Safety, focusing on social-emotional development. Finally, on Cycle Day 4, students will work on their self-selected, interest-based, Learning Experience Opportunity (LEO) project.  

Social/Emotional Learning

To meet the social and emotional needs of middle school learners, MCMS provides a variety of supports that allow the opportunity for all learners to be successful. This year, we are excited to announce our use of Character Strong as a universal support! Character Strong is a social-emotional curriculum built around class meetings and Character Dares which challenge learners to be their best selves. Furthermore, utilizing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) as well as Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) as frameworks, MCMS works to ensure that learners who would benefit from interventions are identified and then paired with appropriate supports, including anti-bullying intervention programs, guidance services including small-group or individual meetings, a Student Assistance Program, and a variety of activities and co-curricular options. These frameworks help to provide learning facilitators, learners and families with proactive methods and strategies to support behavioral needs and reward positive behavior that occurs within the school. It also reinforces that we all need to be responsible, respectful, and safe in all environments in the school and on the bus.  

Extracurricular Activities

MCMS offers a wide variety of activities for your child to choose from. Your child is not limited to participating in just one of the extra-curricular activities offered. Please feel free to access the tab labeled “extracurricular” for more information.